5 Best Places To Take Web Design Courses Online

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5 Best Places To Take Web Design Courses Online

Web designing is one of the few niches — in the world of technology — that requires the designer to learn new concepts regularly. The nature and the scope of web designing allows the learner to learn from multiple sources. The following are some of the best online sources for web designers — regardless of whether one is a newbie or an already practicing designer.


The web-designing site is famous for its approach to learning and more specifically — content delivery through videos. Treehouse is on its eighth year in teaching mobile and web development and more importantly, web designing. Ryan Carson — who is a popular webs designer — saw a need in the market and over the years, he has taught thousands of professionals through the 300 videos on this site. Unlike other options, this course accommodates both professionals and inexperienced web designers. Lastly, Treehouse is a special source because apart from the training videos, the learner does not need special tools — only a Mac or a Windows gadget.

LinkedIn Learning

The site is the oldest in this category — previously known as Lynda.com. Over the past 13 years, LinkedIn Learning has mastered the art of developing brilliant course structures, especially in web designing. The platform is one of the few online courses that give the students quality videos for learning purposes — which are also downloadable. Although LinkedIn Learning has courses for all types of learners, their focus is both beginners and intermediate web designers. In order to simplify learning, the course has over 500 subsections — which give learners a chance to track their progress.


This website is arguably the most popular website in web designing. Unlike the other websites with a singular program for every stage, Udemy is home to diverse tutors and unique approaches to learning. According to experts, the availability of different approaches to learning makes the website popular and one of the most affordable in this list. However, not all courses are at par with global standards, and therefore, background check on each course is important. Lastly, Udemy is one of the few websites that have many learning materials for beginners.


In most cases, online web design courses are not employment-centered. However, Bloc is the first website to give learners a better orientation to the corporate web designing. Bloc is also one of the few sites that bring professionals and mentors on board to work as tutors. In the last seven years, the site has not only nurtured some of the best web designers in the corporate world, but Bloc has revolutionized learning in this niche. Finally, it is also one of the few platforms with one-to-one interaction between the learner and the instructor.


Udacity is one of the platforms that acknowledge the importance of a college-centered model of learning web designing — but with an addition of market realities. Over the years, the platform has changed its approach to teaching web designing mainly because designing has continuously changed. In addition to teaching beginners, Udacity is one of the platforms that acknowledges that professionals need refresher courses.

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