5 Best Web Development Courses For Beginner And Masters

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5 Great Web Development Courses for Beginners to Professionals
A career in web development is by far one of the most versatile technology-based occupations one can pursue. Not only is it always in demand, but web development is also simple to learn – which means you can do so on your own for cheap! Even though it is constantly changing as most STEM fields are, there are many informative websites which also provide professionals with updates on industry trends and standards.

These 5 web development courses are ideal for both beginners who are looking to break into the field as well as professionals who want to advance their skill set.

5. Codecademy

Codecademy has long been the go-to for beginner programmers. The site provides in-depth courses for almost every programming language used today, especially web development. Students use the site’s convenient web app to learn basic concepts and create engaging demo projects that put their skills to the test. For $40 monthly, professionals can benefit from the site’s PRO option, which gives them access to mentors and monitors their progress in a streamlined way.

4. Udemy

Udemy is a digital university where students can learn web development. A myriad of extensive courses from experienced teachers containing hundreds of hours of video lectures are available to beginners and professionals. Most courses on the site cost $10 to $20. Many of the courses also provide learners advice on finding a job in their field.

3. Tutsplus

Tutsplus is very similar to Udemy, except that it runs on a subscription model. So instead of paying for a single course, you pay a flat fee of $16.50 per month for access to numerous courses on web development subjects, ranging from ground-up tutorials to small side projects. Many of the tutorials place an emphasis on aesthetic design, which makes Tutsplus ideal for the aesthetically minded developer.

2. FreeCodeCamp

With an active community consisting of millions of coders from all skill levels, beginners and professionals can collaborate together on FreeCodeCamp. The site’s curriculum starts with the basics – but its coding challenges are where it really shines. After the beginner runs through the full web development course, they can then access thousands of hours of coding challenges that can stretch their skill set beyond their limits. These challenges are ideal for learners looking to impress a future employer. Users who have questions about the material can consult the site’s active forums.

1. Microsoft Academy

Learners who pursue a web development education from Microsoft’s internet academy can expect top-notch material from a globally verified source. The courses on the site teach real-world skills that are currently in demand in today’s web development market. Each course also tests your skills with a final project. Each course you complete provides you with an official certification from Microsoft, which is definitely something a prospective employer will take seriously. You can even apply for college credit.

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