5 Essential Tips For Making An Awesome Website

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If you have a website, then you are familiar with just how important the design of a website really is to your visitors. The design and the look of the website is so important so these visitors can keep coming back for more. From the font to the photos on your website, here you will find 5 essential tips for making an awesome website that both you and your viewers will absolutely love!

Tip 1 is learn the rules of font and typing design. Most of your viewers will be concentrating on the words you are writing, so they can soak in all that valuable information you are offering. Make sure the words on your page are formatted the right way to make it easy for them to read and follow along on the information. To achieve this, it is really all about typography design.

In short, make the headlines big and bold so they are easily scannable. Make the headlines much larger than the font you decide to use within the body of your pages. As for the body of the page, make sure you pick a font that is easy for them to read and is not too small either. If viewers have a hard time reading your content, then they are not going to stay very long on your website. Also, try to keep lines of text between 50 and 60 words, but no more than that.

Tip 2 is pick a font that is not too difficult to read, but also not too boring. This might sound strange or difficult, but it really is not. Some good choices to make when picking font that is both simple and has character are Proxima Nova, Montserrat, and Meriweather Sans. Each of these fonts are both popular and easy to read.

Tip 3 for creating an awesome website is to have a three color scheme. Think about having in your color scheme, one neutral color, one darker color, and one strong & bold color. Use this color scheme throughout your website for a cohesive, attractive look.

Tip 4 is make sure that your photos are the right size. Have you ever visited a website with pictures that were too small or too large? Doesn’t look very good does it? So when building your own website, keep that in mind. Building a website takes a lot of work, so it is okay to put some effort into pictures that are the right size and that look their best.

Last tip is make sure everything from photos, text, the menus and side bar is spaced out proportionally. Make sure there isn’t too much white space, but also not too much text and photos where your pages look cluttered.

The visual design is so important for any website. The design could very much make or break you. So put in the effort to pick the right fonts, colors, and photos. These little touches will make your website more enjoyable for your readers.

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