Email Server migration project

In an effort to dramatically improve on email services Adobe Business Catalyst has accelerated their email server migration.

ALL Adobe Business Catalyst clients will have their email accounts transferred from the current BC Email Service provider (MailEnable) to the new service provider (OpenSRS).

This will require customers to confirm their password - regardless if email is used at Business Catalyst or locally (e.g Exchange).

Ultimately all you have to be aware of is that;

  1. as of Saturday 29th January you will be prompted to confirm your password when logging into the Administration area of your website
  2. We recommend that you simply re-enter your existing password
  3. If you create a new password you will have to change your password in your email client (means excessive work and additional complexity - which is why we are recommending against changing your password)

Please note that;

  • ALL of our BC Users will be affected and prompted to reset their passwords
  • After transition email will continue to be collected into mailboxes before password reset
  • Old emails will gradually be migrated from the old email boxes across to new hosted email boxes
  • ‘Aliases’ and ‘Forwards’ will be carried across to the new system
  • If an email uses ‘Catchall’ this wont work with new system (however Aliases do the same thing) all in an effort to reduce SPAM
  • Webmail address books WONT be migrated across
  • Even Users with "Email Only" accounts will have to confirm their password at the following address available from 29th January 2010   

The advantages to the new email system:

  • Increased Mailbox size (from 100MB to 2000MB)
  • Improved webmail interface
  • A more robust email service.

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