Top 5 Web Design Trends In 2019

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The Top Five Web Design Trends Of 2019
There are many people who would like to use the web design trends listed below to make their websites better. These people are trying to build something that is beautiful, and they will find that each of these steps will make it easier for people to build their own brand. The things that people are doing on their website could mix and match these items, and it is very smart for someone to think over what they could do to make these things work.

1. Be Brutal

The brutalist style that you will use is something that you can use to make your web better. It is so much easier for someone to go brutal because they could make everything on their site as stark as possible.

2. Get Outlined

Outlined text is something that people have to try if they want to go back to some of the retro outlines that you would like to see. You could use the outlined text as a way to make the space that much more retro. The retro styling that you are looking for will turn your site into a place where people are sucked in by your aesthetic. This is an aesthetic that will be shocking to some, but it also allows you to use very bright colors.

3. Type Text

The type text that you use could look like it was coming across the typewriter of the protagonist in a movie. This is a very good thing for you to try, and you will discover that you can make some very nice choices that will help you tell stories, change the way that people read different pages of your site, or even put a soft grey background in that is very easy to see. You want to be sure that you have the best possible options for your web content, and using type text could be a unique way of hardening back to the past.

4. The Iconic Logo

The iconic logo is something that most people go for because they want to have that single color block that has the logo over top. You need to make sure that your logo actually looks nice typed the way that you have chosen, and you also need to consider how easy it would be for you to use the logo on all your marketing. When you make the perfect logo, people never forget you.

5. The Color Wash

The color wash allows you to associate just one color with your company that is used in a variety of ways. When this is the case, you need to be sure that you have checked out the things you have designed, repurposed that color using color codes, and tried to stay in that family so that people will associate your brand with the color and not with anything else.

6. Conclusion

Using these design tips makes your site look great, easier to read, and much more fun to visit because you have modernized your style.

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